About Us

Moving House? Bored of your art and feel like a change? Want to turn unwanted things into cash?

Art Trader is a platform that helps put control in the hands of clients who want to sell their art or acquire fresh pieces. Via relationships with collectors, galleries and interior designers, art will be advertised and promoted through social media. Once a piece is uploaded and reviewed for potential sale, it will be professionally assessed, photographed and where possible a certificate of authenticity obtained.

A target price will be agreed upon before the piece goes live. Clients can choose to leave their art piece with Art Trader, or retain it. Whichever is chosen, we will help buyers to view. Art Trader will act as broker between the buyer and seller, with each sale as unique as the art itself.

About Lisa

Managing several artists while residing in London and after living between the USA and UK for ten years, Lisa returned to Cape Town, South Africa, her home.

There she started representing five artists.

She then went on to open “The Lisa King Gallery” which operated successfully for over fourteen years in the Cape Quarter district in Green Point, Cape Town.

This is where she and Pat, her beautiful mother, indulged their passion and studies for art, immersing themselves in the gallery.

Lisa also owns “The Lisa King Collection”, a ladies footwear business which has been running successfully since being founded in 2009. An opportunity in the market has allowed her to launch “Art Trader” for the buying and selling of pre-loved art as well as new. Lisa now works in collaboration with other art galleries, interior designers and art consultants.

Lisa’s favourite learning is that when it comes to art, beauty is always in the “Eyes of the Beholder”.

Here’s to your next piece of art at Art Trader!