Lisa King, a name synonymous with art and exquisite spaces in South Africa, has once again delighted art enthusiasts by cutting the red ribbon and welcoming all to her new offering, Art Trader.

The Art Trader gallery stands as a testament to Lisa’s resolute dedication to the world of art. As a gathering hub for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts, it introduces a revolutionary approach to the art buying and selling process. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned art collector, Art Trader offers an environment where you can sell, buy, refresh your collection, or simply come in for a chat and admire the latest on canvas.

“I really wanted to create a space that was open to all, and anyone felt like they could come in and enjoy what exquisite art is all about,” says King. “After two decades of being in galleries and engaging with not only collectors but also lovers of art, I’ve come to understand that art needs to be more accessible, and needs to be appreciated just for the simple beauty of it.”

What impresses us most about Art Trader is the meticulous selection of artworks showcased at the gallery, which captures the breadth and depth of human expression.

Lisa’s gallery is vibrant, and the intricate web of artistic connections she has woven throughout her career has certainly reached new heights.

The current selection of artworks has been perfectly curated and features stunning work by celebrated artists such as Vanessa Berlein, Gavin Larkin, Bassa Aspinall, and Fiona Goldthorpe.

“What I love about this space is that it’s charming,” says King. “In every corner, there is something gorgeous to look at, and it has a story to tell. That’s the beauty of art – you can see a story on a canvas, but the moment you look deeper, you start to see your own interpretation, and from that moment onwards, that story becomes yours,” concludes King.

For more information on Art Trader, visit or email Lisa at for a private booking. Follow Art Trader on Instagram @artradercpt or on Facebook at

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About Art Trader:
Art Trader is a prominent art gallery and platform that empowers clients to take control of their art transactions. With over 20 years of expertise, Lisa King leverages her extensive relationships with collectors, galleries, and interior designers to provide clients with a unique and personalized art-selling experience. Art Trader’s innovative platform revolutionises the art experience, offering seamless solutions for selling and acquiring art. For more information, please visit their website at